This category contains all our eCourses that are offered solely via eLearning and participants can follow them without the need of face-to-face participation.

This is the pilot training course that will be continually improved with feedback from participants/students, mainly self-employed or start up owners that wish to develop further their business with the application of web 2.0 tools. 

This is a course only delivered through eLearning practices on planning and managing successfully any european funded project including educational projects. For more info on the course, please check this link. More specifically, the course is structured and delivered in such a way so that both novices or experienced managers will master techniques for 

  • writing winning proposals,
  • identifying opportunities for funding especially for the new programming period 2014-2020
  • mastering financial management and dealing successfully with EC audits
  • project management and quality management techniques
  • disseminating and exploiting professionally as well as ensuring sustainability of your project
  • Applying free web based tools for efficiently and professionally planning and managing european projects.

This is our platform for allowing our participants to participate in our course "Go e-Learning! Learn to easily develop and run e-Learning courses to reach wider audience! How to offer your face-to-face or blended training fully through efficient e-Learning practices".  For more info, please check this linkThe course is structured and delivered in such a way so that both novices or experienced teachers or IT users will master techniques for 

  • developing eLearning courses with emphasis on L and not on e,
  • identifying the most suitable free eLearning tools and platforms for their own training needs
  • developing eLearning courses on Moodle platform and other free Learning environments
  • exploiting a wide range of free learning tools based on web 2.0 for interaction and collaborative learning
  • exploiting a wide range of free educational resources
  • using properly material from the web without copyright infringement or other legal implications
  • delivering real time training to remote users via free real-time collaboration and training tools